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karen smallHi, I'm Karen Inge, the nutrition advisor to Jalna Dairy Foods. I'm a dietitian who loves everything about nutritious and delicious-tasting food. I love eating it, reading and writing about it. And naturally, love talking about it.

I've spent much of my professional life working with athletes, from the elite to the weekend warrior, helping them eat better and improve their performance and overall wellbeing. I also really enjoy working with various food producers, keeping them up to date with the latest nutrition science and trends, to ensure that we can all enjoy eating well.


Probiotic means 'for life' and with yoghurt, refers to the live bacteria it contains that helps us stay well.


We need calcium all our lives.


Protein is found in a variety of both animal and plant foods.

Low GI

Try to choose low-moderate GI foods over high GI at every meal or snack.

Sports recovery

Looking for a nutritious training and recovery snack?

Pregnancy friendly

There is some confusion about the appropriateness of yoghurt as a food during pregnancy.

Nurtrition & Health

Do you have a question around yoghurt and health? Wondering which Jalna yoghurt is best for your fridge? With our strong family history of yoghurt making and expert dietitian Karen Inge as part of the team, we are up to date with the latest health advice and here to help.

Traditional wholefood

Call us old fashioned, but we like to make our yoghurt the traditional way.

Because our yoghurts are pot set, there's no need for additives.
We source the purest milk from our Goulburn Valley Dairy Farmers and our own BioDynamic Organic Family Farm. We then simply pop it in a pot with friendly probiotic cultures and nurture nature's finest fermentation process.

The result is a delicious, creamy, pure yoghurt with no added gums or gelatines, no stabilisers and no added cane sugar or artificial sweeteners. All created in the actual pot you buy by a third generation Australian Family Business.

The New Nordic Diet

Welcome to our new monthly nutrition updates. With summer here, healthy eating is no doubt on your radar, so read on for an update in the latest dieting trend. It's not paleo or even low carb, there are plenty of grains and dairy with this eating style it's The New Nordic Diet.

Though perhaps better known for bringing us ABBA and affordable flat-packed furniture, Scandinavia is currently enjoying some time in the foodie spotlight, after researchers discovered that a diet traditional to countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark may possess a number of health benefits.

Nutrient dense

Yoghurt is one of those ancient, nurturing foods that can help look after your body from top to toe.