Sports recovery

sports recovery wlossLooking for a nutritious training and recovery snack? The foods and drinks you consume after exercise can affect how quickly your body recovers and how well you perform at your next game or training session. Jalna Yoghurt is a nutritious training and recovery snack because it contains a mix of protein for muscle repair, carbohydrate for refueling and replenishing glycogen stores and calcium and other nutrients to help keep the body strong.

Why not try a Bircher Muesli for a recovery breakfast and a banana and yoghurt smoothie after strenuous exercise or competition? If you are too busy to prepare a suitable recovery snack and need a delicious and nutritious fast food, then a tub of Jalna yoghurt would be ideal. Choose one of the fruit varieties for an additional carbohydrate boost.

And remember, the liquid that forms on the top of the Jalna yoghurt contains whey protein, important for muscle growth and repair so don't pour it off, gently fold it into the yoghurt to give you a bit more of a good thing.

Portion and kilojoule-controlled recipes, low in fat and using either low fat or fat free Jalna Yoghurt are suitable for sports recovery. Check out our recipes for any meal time.