Jalna Dairy Farms

cowsjGoulburn Valley Dairy Farms

Jalna has been buying fresh milk direct from local farming families in the Goulburn Valley for more than thirty years, well before the phrase "paddock to plate" was ever used, and Jalna continues to rely on those same families today.

As a business Jalna has never waivered from its founding principles of making real food that is crafted on a very simple and honest formula, teamed with a commitment to sourcing the best quality ingredients and respecting and handling food with care.

Jalna BioDynamic Farm

peterThe Jalna BioDynamic Organic farm outside of Echuca, Victoria, is run by husband and wife team Peter and Melinda Smith.

Jalna has been employing BioDynamic principles to work in harmony with nature, for more than 20 years. We take a sustainable, holistic approach, beginning with building enhanced soil structure and nutrients, resulting in improved soil fertility and growth for the organic hay and grasses used to feed the 400 - 450 strong herd of cows that produce milk for Jalna BioDynamic Organic Yoghurt.

BioDynamic agriculture is an advanced organic method of farming, that takes a holistic approach and works in with nature's cycle. Nurturing the environment and animal welfare is fundamental.

There are no artificial fertilisers, weed or pest sprays used on the farm; instead the farm operates as it would have hundreds of years ago - albeit with the help of a sparkling modern rotary dairy.

Like a lot of farmers, the Smiths have their favourites in the herd, like 'Johnny' who has pretty much retired, however she's such a well behaved cow that she leads by example; keeping the younger cows calm and encouraging the herd to head up to the dairy when called.

Here at Jalna we believe that happy cows make good yoghurt and that our BioDynamic Organic Yoghurt is an absolute testament to that fact!