At Jalna, we’re committed to sustainable practices across our entire business. From our locally sourced ingredients to the companies we work with, we’re committed to playing our part in environmental sustainability.

Our approach to packaging

Let’s go straight to one issue that’s on many shoppers’ minds. Packaging. In particular plastic. We are proud to produce yoghurt free from preservatives, additives and artificial ingredients. A pure yoghurt people around Australia enjoy every day. And at this point in time, the best way to ensure they can enjoy the quality of our yoghurt, is in a plastic pot. We comply with food safety legislation and adhere to good manufacturing practices along with safe transportation, logistics and warehousing practices, which limits the use of other packaging materials.

Steps in the right direction

We are constantly developing our packaging and so far, we have achieved a significant reduction in the amount of plastic we use in each pot. But we won’t stop there. We continue to work with industry leaders and trial new environmentally friendly materials to find even more effective solutions.

We’ve got nature working for us

Even before ‘organic’ was a thing, we were using BioDynamic and organic farming practises. It’s just the way we operate. Nature plays a huge part in the production of our yoghurt. We rely on our rich, untainted soil to produce nutrient-rich green grass for our cows. They, in turn, produce fresh pure milk, that goes directly into our pots. So caring for the land and our animals is fundamental to producing the purest yoghurt possible.

Wise waste reduction

Waste reduction plays an important part of our commitment to sustainability. By working with suppliers, who invest in processing equipment specifically designed to reduce waste, we are able to do just that. State-of-the-art moulding machines use less energy, reduce plastic and the overall amount of waste. We comply with the Australian Packaging Covenant, following their principles of packaging and waste reduction.

Our framework for sustainability

Companies who share our sustainable vision, like our external recycling company, become our partners. Together we work hard to reach our goals. And how do we know when we’ve reached them? We set KPI’s to track our progress, celebrate our successes and help see where there’s still room for improvement.