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Welcome to Nurture.
Our Family Lifestyle Page

We all know that good eating habits start young and as nurturers, we want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to meet the nutritional needs of our families. This section of our website is dedicated to all nurturers - mums, dads, grandparents and anyone involved in raising children. You will find useful tips and expert advice from our nutrition advisor, Karen Inge, who is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD). Plus quick and easy meal ideas to inspire you to prepare simple, wholesome food for your baby, toddler and primary school aged children.

Breastfeeding & nutrition

During breastfeeding, mothers need to ensure they achieve adequate nutrients.

Starting baby on yoghurt

So you think your baby may be ready to enjoy yoghurt? With all the different guidelines out there it can get confusing.

Choosing the right yoghurt

Like every parent before you, you want to ensure you're doing everything to meet the nutritional needs of your baby.

Try & try again

You love yoghurt, are keen to get your baby into the habit of enjoying this nutritious dairy food. But what if they don't share your enthusiasm?

Nutritious meal ideas

The what's for dinner dilemma is a common concern for busy mums. We all need new inspiration in the kitchen.

Get Cultured

Jalna includes aBc cultures in all its yoghurts.

Help with fussy eating

Fussy eating, food fads and food refusals are generally a normal part of being a toddler. What can you do?

Nutrition in a fun way

It's important to start your kids early on a love and appreciation of good food. Check out these ideas.

Curb the sweet snacks

What if you feel the grandparents are letting a few too many not-so-desirable foods slip in?