vh largeWe need calcium all our lives.

There are so many benefits, for all ages, of regularly enjoying yoghurt, especially for the calcium.

Calcium can be found in a wide range of foods including dairy products, canned fish, nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables. You probably know that dairy foods, like yoghurt, are regarded as the best food source of absorbable calcium. But you may not know these three things about calcium:


  1. Calcium requirements vary considerably over your lifetime. Needs are higher during periods of growth, and are also elevated in later years.
  2. You lay down most calcium in your bones during puberty and all throughout your teenage years, reaching peak bone mass by late teens/early 20s. But you can top up your calcium, no matter your age, by eating dairy and other calcium-containing foods every day. Weight-bearing exercise and a little sun exposure for vitamin D helps too.
  3. Yoghurt is one of the best ways to get enough calcium from dairy foods every day for all those people who drink milk only in tea or coffee or not at all, because it's available in fat free, low fat and whole milk options (all lower in fat than cream, cheese or icecream), plus it's so versatile, you can include it in many recipes.

You can have it as a snack on its own or in a dip, a muffin or a cake. You can enjoy it at breakfast with cereal or fruit or in a super smoothie. Use it as a marinade or sauce or to soothe a fiery curry. Add it to meals or make a wonderful dessert. You may like to try some of our recipes. Few other foods deliver as much as yoghurt. And few taste as good or are so rich and creamy as Jalna Yoghurt.

These are some of the top Jalna Yoghurts for calcium:

200g Jalna Fat Free Greek Yoghurt has 480mg calcium
200g Jalna Low Fat Greek Natural Yoghurt has 360mg
200g Jalna Premium Vanilla Yoghurt has 360mg
200g Jalna Fat Free Natural Yoghurt has 340mg
200g Jalna a2 Low Fat Natural Yoghurt has 260mg
200g Jalna Low Fat Vanilla Yoghurt has 260mg
200g Jalna Low Fat Berry Fruit Yoghurt has 260mg