karen largeHi, I'm Karen Inge, the nutrition advisor to Jalna Dairy Foods. I'm a dietitian who loves everything about nutritious and delicious-tasting food. I love eating it, reading and writing about it. And naturally, love talking about it.

I've spent much of my professional life working with athletes, from the elite to the weekend warrior, helping them eat better and improve their performance and overall wellbeing. I also really enjoy working with various food producers, keeping them up to date with the latest nutrition science and trends, to ensure that we can all enjoy eating well.

You may know me from my extensive media work: writing articles for the Australian Women's Weekly for 17 years, popping up on the small screen regularly, giving my opinion on the latest in nutrition, diet and food news, plus loving every minute of my talk-back radio segment each week with Denis Walter on leading Melbourne radio station 3AW.

I'm so fortunate to work with Jalna, the first yoghurt company to add probiotics in Australia. I love their pot set yoghurts that are as close to the natural source as possible. It's funny how life works out, but my mother is Polish and when we were growing up she would make her own yoghurt until she discovered Jalna. That was the end of her yoghurt-making days, and we would eat Jalna Natural every day.

I'm happy to answer your Jalna questions, plus keep you informed of what's new and exciting in the world of food and nutrition. Hope you enjoy my articles - and Jalna Yoghurt of course!!