Nutritional Data Table

The following table identifies the nutritional properties of the Jalna range.

Jalna Dairy Foods Nutritional Information

  Energy Calories Protein Fat Fat C'hydrate C'hydrate Dietary Sodium Calcium Gluten GI C'hydrate C'hydrate
        Total Saturated Total Sugars Fibre   Lactose Galactose
  kj/100g per/100g g/100g g/100g g/100g g/100g g/100g g/100g mg/100g mg/100g     g/100g g/100g
Lactose Free Wholemilk 359kj 86 4.8g 4.4g 3.0g 5.8g 5.8g 2.0g 43mg 156mg NIL 15 (Low GI) NIL 3.0g
Lactose Free Vanilla 479kj 114 5.6g 4.1g 2.8g 13g 11.4g 1.3g 59mg 187mg NIL 18 (Low GI) NIL 3.5g
Fat Free Natural 220kj 52 5.3g 0.1g 0.1g 7.4g 5.5g <0.1g 90mg 170mg NIL 19 (Low GI)
Low Fat Vanilla 441kj 105 5.0g 2.0g 1.4g 16.8g 14.1g <0.1g 78mg 130mg NIL 25 (Low GI)
Whole Milk BioDynamic Organic 372kj 89 4.5g 5.4g 3.9g 5.3g 2.9g 0.01g 49mg 162mg NIL 15 (Low GI)
Greek Natural 540kj 129 3.8g 10.0g 7.1g 6.1g 4.8g 0.8g 78mg 130mg NIL 12 (Low GI)
Sweet & Creamy Greek 544kj 130 3.8g 9.0g 6.1g 10.1g 9.6g 0.3g 54mg 85mg NIL 21 (Low GI)
Sweet & Creamy Greek Strawberry 523kj 125 3.4g 6.7g 4.6g 13.5g 9.1g 1.0g 50mg 93mg NIL 19 (Low GI)
Sweet & Creamy Greek Coconut 544kj 130 3.8g 9.0g 6.1g 10.1g 9.6g 3.2g 54mg 85mg NIL 21 (Low GI)
Pure Yoghurt with Coconut 500kj 119 3.1g 6.8g 5.0g 12.2g 8.0g 0.2g 38mg 65mg NIL 27 (Low GI)
Pure Yoghurt with Raspberries 490kj 117 3.2g 6.0g 4.4g 13.7g 11.6g 1.0g 63mg 110mg NIL 24 (Low GI)
Pure Yoghurt with Passionfruit 480kj 115 3.2g 5.7g 4.2g 13.4g 10.7g 1.2g 54mg 120mg NIL 26 (Low GI)
Pure Yoghurt with Blueberries 490kj 117 3.4g 5.8g 4.2g 13.9g 11.8g <0.1g 48mg 98mg NIL 24 (Low GI)
Premium Blend Natural Creamy 423kj 101 5.7g 5.0g 3.3g 8.3g 6.7g 0.1g 92mg 180mg NIL 12 (Low GI)
Premium Vanilla Creamy 470kj 111 5.3g 4.7g 3.5g 11.9g 10.0g 0.4g 65mg 180mg NIL 18 (Low GI)
Premium Café Latte Creamy 470kj 112 5.3g 4.7g 3.5g 11.9g 10.0g 0.4g 65mg 180mg NIL 18 (Low GI)