What Makes Jalna Different?

Fresh Local Australian Ingredients

All-natural yoghurt made the traditional pot set way - that’s what makes Jalna unique.

The origin of our pure Australian ingredients is integral to the quality and naturally delicious flavour of every pot of Jalna yoghurt. We endeavour to use 100% local ingredients to ensure the process from pasture to plate is as natural as possible.

So, for over 60 years, we’ve been sourcing fresh milk and cream directly from Aussie farming families in the Goulburn Valley and nearby regions.

What we never add to our yoghurt

It’s what we leave out that makes our yoghurt naturally better.

No artificial colours, flavours or food acids

Only natural ingredients go in; fresh milk and all natural ingredients to give our yoghurt its colour and flavour.

No preservatives

Our pot set yoghurt is preserved naturally using the age-old preserving process of fermentation.

No stabilisers, thickeners or emulsifiers

Because Jalna yoghurt is made the natural pot set way, unlike most others, our yoghurt doesn’t need any of these artificial additives.

What is pot set yoghurt?

Like the names suggests, it’s yoghurt set right there in the pot - a traditional method that requires nothing but pure ingredients. We pour fresh milk straight into the pot, add some friendly probiotic cultures, then we pop the lid on and let nature do the rest. No stabilisers or preservatives. It sounds simple, but our method demands the purest ingredients, the perfect temperature and just the right amount of time to create thick and creamy pot set yoghurt.

Winners of 3 Gold Medals at the 2022 DIAA Awards - Best Flavored Yoghurt, Best Greek Yoghurt and Natural yoghurt

It’s wonderful to be recognised by the dairy industry for quality, taste and purity.