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  • We use the traditional pot set method of blending friendly live probiotic cultures and pasteurised cows’ milk. Once the live probiotic cultures activate, the mixture is poured into individual pots and nurtured in a warm place for the yoghurt to set. It’s then cooled to naturally create your yoghurt. We never use artificial additives or colours. No preservatives, stabilisers, thickeners, emulsifiers or food acids, or artificial sweeteners either.


  • Our yoghurt is pot set using traditional methods, with only natural ingredients. A pure food, nurtured to be as close to nature as possible. Wholesome, natural ingredients make it the ideal choice for every body, every day.

  • We only use pasteurised milk in our yoghurt.

  • We are committed to producing our dairy products in an environmentally sustainable way, so we have been sourcing milk from certified BioDynamic and Organic dairy farms for many years to provide the milk for our BioDynamic and Organic range. The milk for our other products comes from Australia’s rich, green pastures of our valued Aussie dairy farmers, delivered fresh every day.

  • Quality tests show once opened the yoghurt should easily reach the ‘best before’ date on the pack, assuming it has been correctly handled and refrigerated.

  • This is whey, it’s naturally occurring when set yoghurt expels moisture. It’s full of protein and perfectly normal, indicating the yoghurt is natural with no added thickeners. Just stir it in to your yoghurt or pour it off.

  • Yes, all Jalna yoghurt is gluten-free.

  • As a natural dairy product, our yoghurt does contain lactose however, we now produce a special range of lactose-free yoghurt. Our kids’ pouches (Pouch of Purity) are also lactose-free.

  • Jalna use only safe, food-grade plastics from approved suppliers. Our pots are also BPA free.

  • We do not use any meat byproducts in our yoghurt like gelatine so it is suitable for vegetarians . Because Jalna yoghurt is fermented dairy, it is suitable for ‘lacto ovo’ vegetarians but not vegans.

  • Our commitment to purity means we respect nature and aim to minimise waste. You can recycle all our BPA-free food-safe packaging but even better for the environment, reuse in lots of ways in or outside the kitchen. Organise craft or sewing items or use in the garden; tidy hardware items; or sort your stationery, toy or art supplies. Your local schools and kindergartens are likely to be on the lookout for storage solutions for craft essentials too.

  • Where possible, Jalna sources the majority of our ingredients locally. Occasionally due to seasonality of fruit for example, we may source from overseas. See our pots for percentages.

  • In line with our firm preference for locally sourced ingredients, we are switching to cane sugar from Queensland as the sweetening ingredient. This replaces fruit concentrates (mostly Pear), which would need to be sourced overseas to ensure continuity of supply. This switch delivers little or no change in the overall sugar content of our products (in fact some products have a small reduction). See our pots for individual levels.


  • Originating from the Turkish yoğurt (meaning fermented or thick milk), there have been alternate spellings popular over the centuries, including yoghurd, yogourt, and yahourt. The spelling ‘yoghourt’ on our packs was common in the early 20th century and is still on most of our labels today.

    The spelling evolved again around 2000 to ‘yoghurt’ and is the most common expression today, so to keep things simple and make it easy for people to find us on the internet, we use ‘yoghurt’ on our website and social media pages.

    Recently though, we have decided to phase out the extra ‘o’ to make it easier for people to search for us, so we’ll now use the more common spelling ‘yoghurt’ online and eventually our lids and labels as well but that change will take some time.  Our new product labels already reflect this.

    We appreciate your patience while we transition.

  • At Jalna, we’ve been making the purest yoghurt the traditional pot set way for over 60 years and like the name suggests, it’s yoghurt set right there in the pot – a traditional method that requires nothing but pure ingredients. We pour fresh milk straight into the pot, add some friendly probiotic cultures, then we pop the lid on and let nature do the rest.

    No stabilisers, preservatives or additives. It sounds simple, but our method demands the purest ingredients, the perfect temperature and just the right amount of time to create thick and creamy spoonable pot set yoghurt your gut loves.

    Only natural ingredients go in; fresh milk, fruit and all natural ingredients to give our yoghurt its colour and flavour. Our pot set yoghurt is preserved naturally using the age-old preserving process of fermentation. Because Jalna yoghurt is made the natural pot set way and unlike most others, our yoghurt doesn’t need anything artificial.

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