Delicious Chia Crepes

35 minutes

Preparation Time

15 minutes

Cooking Time



Jalna Recipe Chia Crepes


1 cup plain flour
1 teaspoon coconut sugar or raw sugar
240ml milk of your choice
2 eggs
¼ cup Jalna yoghurt
2 teaspoons chia seeds
Pinch of salt


Place all ingredients in a food processor. Blend till smooth. Set aside to rest 30 minutes at room temperature.
Heat a non stick pan medium-high heat.
Pour mix into hot pan, to cover base, tilting pan to cover thinly.
Cook crepe for about 1 minute. Flip with a spatula. Cook for another minute or until golden.
Repeat with remaining mixture.
Serve crepes with yoghurt & compote.
Note: Serve with Jalna Sweet & Creamy Greek yoghurt, with fresh fruit or a fruit compote of your choice.
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