Choosing the right yoghurt

choosing largeLike every parent before you, you want to ensure you're doing everything to meet the nutritional needs of your baby.

While breastfeeding or giving your baby formula, the baby's diet is reasonably simple. But once your baby moves to solid foods then everything changes.

Keep it pure and simple

Pure foods as close to the natural source as possible are the best for your baby. Jalna yoghurts are made and set in the pot you buy so they do not need artificial additives or flavours like those used in many yoghurts. All the Jalna range is made from all natural ingredients like dairy milk, viable quantities of aBc cultures and real fruit and juice concentrates in flavoured varieties.

Jalna yoghurts contain no preservatives, no additives, no gelatine, no colours, no artificial flavours or sweeteners.

According to the Australian Infant Feeding Guidelines, babies should not be fed honey, so Jalna Yoghurts without honey are recommended for babies under 12 months.

Keep it full fat for under 2s

Reduced fat milks and skim milks are not recommended for children under two years of age. So the Jalna Fat Free and Low Fat Yoghurt range, which are also low fat, are not recommended until your child is two years of age.

However, there are plenty of suitable Jalna dairy foods for children this age, such as Jalna BioDynamic Organic Whole Milk Yoghurt, Jalna Premium Blend Natural Yoghurt and the Jalna Greek Natural Yoghurt range.

Family recipes made with fat free or low fat yoghurts can be shared with children under two years of age however children over two can enjoy any Jalna Yoghurt.

By Karen Inge – Accredited Practising Dietitian