Starting baby on yoghurt

babyyoghurt lgSo you think your baby may be ready to enjoy yoghurt? With all the different guidelines out there it can get confusing.

So let's take you through the latest advice:

Getting started

According to the 2013 Australian Infant Feeding Guidelines, solid foods can be introduced in any order provided iron-rich nutritious foods are included and the texture is suitable for the infant's stage of development. Foods such as yoghurt, can be introduced around six months of age. However, it is important to follow the individual advice from your infant advisor or health care professional.

First spoonful

To introduce yoghurt, start with a teaspoon of a whole milk plain yoghurt variety, like Jalna Natural, Greek or BioDynamic Organic, with no other new foods introduced for 48 hours, if you are concerned about food allergies or intolerances. According to the Guidelines, babies should not be fed honey, so Jalna Yoghurts without honey are recommended for babies under 12 months.

Moving on

Once your baby is tolerating foods like rice cereals and an array of fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, as well as yoghurt, by 6-9 months of age you can start combining foods and coming up with a whole variety of meal ideas. Babies at this age don't eat large quantities so make in smaller batches and refrigerate extra for the next day.

Because it is recommended babies should have whole milk varieties of yoghurt up to the age of two, all our Nurture recipe suggestions use options from the Jalna whole milk range. Check out the suggestions in Nutritious Meal Ideas.

By Karen Inge – Accredited Practising Dietitian