Yoghurt, Berry and Cashew Dip

10 minutes

Preparation Time

12 hours hanging time

Cooking Time




2 cups Jalna farm to pot organic vanilla yoghurt
1 punnet of strawberries, diced
½ punned blueberries, halved
¼ cup salted cashew nuts, chopped
¼ cup dark chocolate buttons, chopped


Line a sieve or colander with a cheese cloth or a clean kitchen cloth. Place the yoghurt into the cloth, bring the edges together and tie. Hang in your fridge for 12 hours to take extra liquid out of the yoghurt.
In a mixing bowl combine the hung yoghurt, berries, nuts and chocolate. Fold together gently until combined.
Serve with slices of fruit and some toast for a sweet health after school treat.
Note: Serve with apple slices, pear slices and charred toast
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